Ear To the Streets T Shirt

by on November 5, 2012

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I dig this design. Looks cool, and just has some intriguing detail. The pair of shoes hanging from the telephone wire. Telephone poles as the structural part of the earphones. Plus, you have a transformer and and stop light. The skulls certainly do have their ears to the streets. They know what time it is. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean shit because they’re dead. It’s just like ghosts dicking around on Earth. They blow curtains around or move a piece of paper, but that’s all they can really get done, because they’re dead.

Just follow the light everyone. That’s my interpretation of this tee. Actually, I also like the wavy lines, like there’s heat or sound waves or some kind of deeper vibes or energy waves. Gives the shirt a little bit of an ominous tone as well.

By the way, the design is by Delton Demarest.

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