Due Date Movie Released Today: Have You Seen It?

by on November 5, 2010

My man crush Zach Galifianakis hits the silver screen worldwide today with the movie Due Date. He could carry a feature-length film all by himself, but they stuck some other dude that has a little momentum named Robert Downey Jr. in there too, which is cool, because he’s pretty good.

Here’s a pretty good review.

Anyway, who wants to see Zach being Zach? I do. That’s why I’m typing this on my iPhone in the freezing rain waiting in a line that wraps around the block into a shady neighborhood. Glad started camping out three days ago, so I’m fourth in line.

Hey, I guessed what designs would be generated from this epic cinematic pleasure treat and listed them on the page entitled Funny Due Date T Shirts. Check it. Think I nailed it? Have any more suggestions? Let me know right now in the comments box below…please.

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