Duct Tape Tool Kit T Shirt

by on April 25, 2011

This is the shirt featuring duct tape that infers it is the go to fix it product for all lazy people that have no skills with real tools. It’s funny because when you hear someone say they’re going to get the tool kit to fix the leaky faucet, and they come back with a cob web covered roll of duct tape, you are surprised and bemused. Of course, if it’s the handyman at your apartment complex and the last time he came to “fix” something all of your under garments were destroyed, then this Duct Tape Tool Kit T Shirt may not be so funny.

You know another good addition to this Snorg Tees design would be zip ties. With duct tape and zip ties, you can go MacGuyver on just about everything. Hell build a house with those two things…up to code.

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