Drunken Astronauts and Spacebars Tshirt

by on June 19, 2008

Maybe we wouldn\'t have so many drunken astronauts if all these computers didn\'t have spacebars TshirtLamest joke to make it on a tshirt in a long time. Good for torso pants for keeping the hopes of millions of lame-ass joke telling uncles. I’m going to repeat what they have on this shirt because I can’t quite believe it: Maybe we wouldn’t have so many Druken Astronauts if all these computers didn’t have Spacebars.

Then, they try to cover up their lamosity with a snarky closing line. And, yes, I’m going to repeat that too: Man, I can’t believe I bought a shirt that says this.

Now, I still recommend you snatch up one of these drunken astronauts tshirts. Why? Because the picture of the astronaut with some kind of sweet jet pack, spilling his beer in zero gravity is killer. Makes it totally worth having.

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