Drugs The Boredom Vaccine T-shirt

by on July 29, 2010

Even Jenny McCarthy and her new 24-year-old Internet Marketing Coordinator boyfriend have to approve of this vaccine. Give it to ’em early and often is what I say. What would happen if we all didn’t take drugs. It would be a fuckin’ miserable world is what I’m telling you and we’d suffer from a massive epidemic of bored assholes screwin’ stuff up for the rest of us. So, don’t give us that Big PharmaColumbia wants to stick our babies with as many needles as possible simply for the profit. Don’t tell me heroine, speed, Ecstasy, and Adderall will give us autism.

Can’t be proven. Basically, the ends justify the means on this one, so whatever it takes to get through the night. When all the video games get stale, and the infinite amount of digital entertainment makes your brain numb, and you’ve Tweeted your last drop of blood, and Facebook makes you crosseyed, you’ll need to go ahead and turn to drugs. Go ahead. I approve. They’re delicious.

Blame Busted Tees if your son or daughter becomes a strung out junky whore within the next 9 months. They’ll apologize profusely and give you $5 off your next purchase.

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