DrinkStrong T Shirt

by on September 19, 2010

A little play on the LiveStrong, Lance Armstrong, fight against cancer yellow silicon bands, and accompanying merchandise. This here is what you call a drinking shirt, which is a fine thing to wear when you go out to the bar or club.

I certainly admire Lance, dominating the Tour de France for like seven years despite only having one ball. It’s awesome. You have to be truly devoted and diabolically disciplined to get yourself into that type of shape and mental space to compete at that high of a level for that long. Of course, if Floyd Landis is telling the truth, Armstrong used a little unfair advantage. Even if it is true Landis is a true squealer punk for busting Lance. Why would you do that? Plus, everybody was doping during Lance’s run, so he probably had to just to keep up. The trick was not getting caught and he seemed to pull that off.

Wait, let’s get back to the DrinkStrong T Shirt. If you’re wearing that do you feel a surge of pride and that extra bit of motivation to go ahead and drink just one more, until you black out. Because that is strong drinking. Even better, maybe you blackout, but are still functioning and you ride your bike home. That would be exponentially cool. Especially, since you didn’t drink and drive, which is not an advisable practice.

Donkey Tees is taking drinking t shirts to the next level. Don’t you agree?

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