Down For Whatever T Shirt

by on January 18, 2011

Sometimes people just aren’t that opinionated. They just kind of go with the flow. Generally, funny t shirts are opinionated, so most of them are not for the least opinionated of our brethren…until now.

The Down For Whatever T Shirt is exactly what they need…and by they maybe I mean you. Perhaps you are the person that is easy going. Or maybe you just like hanging out and the activity is not important. Or perhaps you are wishy-washy and have no backbone and no opinion about what you like or maybe you do know what you like but you’re to timid to let other people know, but then you secretly hold it against them, and that seeps out in little annoying passive-aggressive ways.

Whatever the case, Busted Tees is thinking of you so get the shirt. You don’t have to tell anyone and the order process is pretty anonymous.

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