Double Rainbow What Does it Mean T Shirt

by on December 20, 2010

You sort of love Yosemite Mountain Bear for his enthusiasm and his passion, and the release he experienced seeing a wonderful site in nature. He gives us humor with sincerity, which is a very rare thing and worth all the attention and adulation. His video has 21.7 million views. Jimmy Kimmel has interviewed him. And, of course, there are funny t shirts dedicated to the YouTube moment.

Get the What Does It Mean T shirt to celebrate the man, the nature, the vision, and the good drugs.

Okay, you’ve already seen the video, but watch it again. It’s hard to find on YouTube, because assholes try to jump on the bandwagon and make mashups and edited versions or recreated versions, and all of a sudden Yosemite Mountain Bear is down below the fold and you can’t find him. So, I’ve saved you some time and you can watch it right here, embedded on this page. Lucky!

Busted Tees knows what memes are worthy of immortalization on a shirt, and this certainly is one of them.

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