Donut and Donut Hole You Complete Me T Shirt

by on October 19, 2010

Cute shirt. Donut hole, finds the mothership donut. Mothership donut says “you complete me” because then the donut hole is filled. Wait, why are they called donut holes. That would imply nothing. They should have mimes working at donut shops and when you buy 2-dozen donut holes they do that whole elaborate mime thing where they fake like they have one of those foldable donut boxes, and some tongs and they fill the whole thing up with “holes.” They hand it to you, then they cut the mime crap and ring you up for real. And when you don’t pay they get belligerent and start calling you the worst names you can think of. Then, they call the cops and the cops make you pay because they point at the fine print on the sign behind the counter that talks about how these are the freshest donuts you will ever stuff in your fat face.

You pay. The mime laughs evilly and flicks a sprinkle stuck in his fingernail at you.

Because of this fine story you are now compelled to purchase the Donut and Donut Hole You Complete Me  T Shirt.

Does Snorg Tees recognize this can be sort of sexual innuendo with all the holes and filling holes, and stuff. Just thought I’d give them a heads up if they didn’t.

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