Don’t Worry I’ll Just Walk Myself T Shirt

by on February 3, 2013


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Sometimes as a dog owner you just don’t feel like taking your canine buddy for yet another walk. You have to bring a couple of bags, in she shits on your neighbors lawn. It’s possible you have your back wrenched as she lunges for a mocking squirrel. And, then, of course, if you walk by another dog you may have to try and explain why she went berserk and tried to bite off his testicles.

Anyways, the answer may be to breed dogs with hands at the end of their tails. They can just walk themselves! This is possible, right? With all the genetics breakthroughs modern science has had. Stem cells. Higgs boson. Something has to have made this possible.

Design by Dustin Taylor and David Soames.

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