Don’t Make Me Go Zelda On You T Shirt

by on November 4, 2010

Again, many feel that the Legend of Zelda is the greatest game of all time. What are your feelings on the game. If you enjoy the game then Nerdy Shirts probably hit a home run with the Don’t Make Me Zelda On You T Shirt, because I can already feel the yearning in your soul to own it. You yearn. You crave. You covet. You need. Gimme. Gimme. Gimme.

Prerequisite to owning this shirt is that you have excelled at the game. You cannot buy this game until you earn the right…or are buying it for someone that has. Oh, wait, that’s not true…you can buy this shirt if you thought this was in reference to some Hessian chick 250 years ago. I don’t really care why you want this shirt or if you deserve this shirt, but I do want you to like it…and me for that matter.

Wait, did you know that at present there are 4111 articles in the Zeldapedia. That’s a whole lot of material generated for a damn game. Crazy. Nerdy Shirts knows what kind of games gets people writing articles, then they make shirts about those articles or the people writing the articles, or the Internet. Whatever. Question for you the reader. Is it obvious I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? Question number 2: Is that girl in the process of pulling off her bikini bottom and is that appropriate for a family t shirt business? Let’s start some discussion up in here.

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