Don’t Hate Cuz You Ain’t T Shirt

by on April 17, 2011

dont hate cuz you aint t shirt Dont Hate Cuz You Aint T Shirtbuy now button yellow Dont Hate Cuz You Aint T ShirtThis is a wacky shirt would not you agree? I kind of love this Don’t Hate Cuz You Ain’t T Shirt. Do you? It has such attitude and such style and such a confidence. And, I think it comes from the sparkly copper shades and the hat and the fact that the hate and the ain’t don’t rhyme but they’re close enough because the wearer of the shirt designed by Polly and Crackers is the shit.

Seriously, forget trying how to learn to play the violin, or blowing small spit bubbles with a curled tongue, or making over 82% of your crumpled up paper shots into the waste basket across the room…yes, those will make you awesome and cool, but there’s a short cut to being an It thing. Forget all the practice and sweat and toil required to master the above…just wear this shirt.

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