Don’t Fight Fire with Fire – No One Can Take on 2 Fires T Shirt

by on September 21, 2010

Very sound advice. Just like eat your vegetables, wash your butt, and never ever step on the third base line. I actually looked around to see if this was from some movie I didn’t know because as a funny t shirt it’s fair to middlin’. If it was a line from a movie, some slacker dude with a heart of gold or something, then, yeah, you want to immortalize that line. Never ever forget. But, as a line that just stands on its own with a bit of firey stuff. Not so sure. What do you think? Do you like Don’t Fight Fire with Fire, No One Can Take on 2 Fires T Shirt? Are you going to buy it?

I guess it has some value as a dry humor sort of twist of phrase. I guess that makes it ok. Maybe I’m just torn. Maybe I’m about to want to marry this shirt and I’m in a denial phase. I’m confused and wish my Auntie Margery was here to help give me some clarity, but she’s not because we had a falling out over that milk glass vase she thought, in a bit of early onset dementia, was hers. Whatever.

You can’t bat 1.000 in the funny t shirt business. Snorg Tees is the Ted Williams of the industry, but not every one is a ROFLer.

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