Amish Don’t Drink Or Drive T Shirt

by on May 20, 2008

Amish: Don\'t Drink or Drive TshirtThis one went over my head for a second, bounced around the room and hit me with potent hilarity. At first glance you’re thinking it’s a PSA. Then you think it’s one of those tired “I drive better when I drink” messages. But, if you stick with it, boom, the Amish don’t drink or drive. Beautiful. I’m diggin’ that beard. In fact, any tshirt that features a beard immediately gets special consideration.

Let’s face it. Sometimes you’re not in the mood or it’s the wrong setting to wear that “Blow Me” tshirt. You need to have another “go to” tshirt that comes from an entirely different place. This is that tee. So, get Don’t Drink or Drive Tshirt for a more well-rounded and rich life. Guaranteed.

Here it is on a lovely Amish girl:

Don\'t Drink or Drive Tshirt modeled

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