Don’t Bother Me I’m Wasting Potential Tee

by on October 18, 2009

dont-bother-me-im-wasting-potential-teeHey, just love what you’re doin’ when you’re doin’ what you’re doin’. If you came out of the womb in perfect karate kick form and everybody including the fat nurse behind the desk, knew you were something special even while the after birth clung to your weird blotchy, spongy skin, and it was downhill from there. Including disappointment…Daddy is santa claus, mama’s the Easter Bunny, and both have lovers on the side.

Heartarche, like the pain that came over you and stayed when Tom Cruise left Nicole Kidman. Or disillusionment, when you discovered Bovine Growth Hormone gave you bitch tits. It’s all weighing a little heavy and that rosy outlook is slowly dissipating as you rot in a cubicle, only excited on free popcorn Friday.

Guess what. You can snap out of it. How you ask? Buy Don’t Bother Me I’m Wasting Potential Tee and show the world you’re totally self-aware and kicking total ass in your mind.

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