Does This Shirt Make Me Look Frat? T Shirt

by on October 14, 2008

Taking the time to explain a joke or funny t shirt does not destroy the humor or even lessen the impact in my opinion. Take for instance this very clever shirt. This is a slight twist on a very common Catch-22 question women ask boyfriends and husbands. “Does this shirt make me look fat?” There is no real way to answer it correctly. If you say “no” but it really does, then the women runs the risk of looking fat in public and probably hearing about it third hand from the hair dresser or the lady that does her nails. On the other hand, if you honestly say, “yes, honey, that shirt does, in fact, make you look fat” then you will probably receive a total immersion dumping of boiling grease that melts your face off as you sleep on the couch. So, watch out for that question.

Anyway, let’s talk about the parody. Right here the twist is the “r” turning “fat” into “frat.” Furthermore, you have greek-like lettering, which is the type of script fraternities and sororities use as a naming convention. So, yes, the shirt makes you look frat.

If you have frat-leanings, you probably want to snatch up Does this shirt make me look frat? pretty much immediately.

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