Do I Look Legal Tshirt Banned on Verona, WI High School Campus

by on June 13, 2010

Some Wisconsin students are trying to take a stand on and make some cash off the new, controversial AZ immigration law, SB 1070, but school officials have halted the sale.

You can check the video here. Make sure you sit through the stupid commercial and the intro, because David Douglas, who looks 15, is worth a gander: the hair, the tie, and the diction.

Firstly, the front says “Do I Look Legal,” which can be confused with a reference to any number of illicit activities, including sex, drinking, and fighting in Iraq.

Second, I’m not sure they’ve read the law. The students are saying law enforcement officials can just walk up to anybody that may look illegal and request documentation, when actually, they can ask for documentation during any business-as-usual traffic stop. I suppose they can ask for documentation from employers as well. This does happen to be the federal law, and I seem to be asked for documentation every time I get pulled over and I’m not going to be confused for a Latino any time soon, so I’m not sure where the problem is.

I’m no conservative by any means, but I believe in a country ruled by law, and Arizona is going by the books on this one. Want something different, then you’ll probably need to lobby for an amendment to the federal law. And, I’m not so sure we should offer open arms to every immigrant these days. Lot’s of other respectable countries do not do this, and, right now, we should be trying to put a halt on the flood of illegals, since our country is still on the financial brink.

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