Diversity Stole My Bike T Shirt

by on October 21, 2010

This is terribly racist or xenophobic or something. It actually took me a second, so maybe you need a second. I’ve actually had a few bikes stolen myself, and I’m pretty sure diversity was the culprit as well. Yeah, they’re saying that minorities steal bikes. Awful isn’t it. But, somehow it’s true in Sunshine’s case and it is true in my case. The whole deal behind T Shirt Hell is to be over-the-top offensive to get a reaction but also to get you thinking.

When I see my bike stolen and a broken lock on the ground, I can tell you the image of the culprit in my mind, especially when I lived in the Southwest. I assumed a Mexican. That’s racist. I admit it. And, this Diversity Stole My Bike T Shirt brought up in my mind. And, I guess that’s a good thing, though, probably worn in the wild it either totally offends and pisses people off or it makes to the bone racist laugh and nudge each other. And say some sort of racial epithet. Neither one of those outcomes is probably productive, so I’m on the fence on this. It did make me think, but maybe it was my job to think a little before I wrote about it, whereas the general populace will just react and let it reinforce harmful stereotypes.

What do you think? Good image though. Someone did a number to that U-lock.

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