Disregard Females Acquire Currency T Shirt

by on October 4, 2010

Very wise advice from a man that knows, Joseph Ducreux. Actually, the story behind this dude is kind of interesting. He explored different types of portait painting, and, in fact, did paint his self-portrait with him pointing.

Of course, this has been picked up by the Internet in a big way and now he’s has his own meme blasting through the web.

This Disregard Females Acquire Currency T Shirt portrays one of the first memes to develop once some kid found Ducreux’s sweet self portrait. And, that is why you should own it.

Need to know more about this dude? No better place than Wikipedia to find out.

6 Dollar Shirts will put a meme upon your chest in about 14 seconds flat if you let ’em, and I’m saying right here and now that you will let ’em.

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