Dislike Facebook Tshirt

by on June 28, 2010

Sometimes, you know, there should be more options. Either liking pages or posts on Facebook or you don’t say anything. Sometimes you want to add your disgust, disfavor, and disappointment to the public record, but there’s no quick and easy one-push button to do it. And there should be. Do you agree? If so, then you should probably let the entire swath of your world know by buying and wearing proudly this Dislike T Shirt.

Okey dokey?

Just think of a world where you could go to a page, like say, the Jonas Brothers or Monsanto, who doesn’t have a  Facebook page because they know that would trigger Facebook developers to immediately create this dislike button functionality, I just drop a quick dislike on their asses. That would be a beautiful thing. Or maybe your old girlfriend just got married. Hell ya, you’re going to “dislike” that little announcement on her page. Right?

One thing is for certain I don’t dislike most Busted Tees shirts. Clearly.

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