Disheveled Tuxedo Tshirt

by on June 15, 2010

Get This Shirt From Busted Tees

This is quite an ingenuous concept. It takes the much revered Tuxedo Tshirt to an entirely new level. It’s like you’ve been formal, but now the event is over and you want to relax. Loosen the tie. Get to know that lovely bridesmaid just a little bit better. Oh, why does everything have to be sexual. Maybe you just want to watch the latest episode of Weeds after you slip of your patent leather shoes.

What I haven’t mentioned here, is that this entire scenario is encompassed by one TSHIRT. This is not a short story or poem or novella. It’s not a 10-minute video on Youtube. It is on a tshirt. That’s how brilliant the Disheveled Tuxedo Tshirt really is. So, go ahead and get it and wear it to your next formal event. You may have to explain to other arriving guests as you throw the keys to the valet, that “no” the event is not over, and they are not late. You are just wearing the Tuxedo tshirt with the tie undone and the jacket unbuttoned. They’ll breath a sigh of relief, pat you on the back, and step into the theater.

Busted Tees is a versatile clothing company that allows you to be ready for any social situation.

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