Dirty Harry Cro Magnum T Shirt

by on December 7, 2010

Dirty Harry was a pretty bitchin’ dude,  carryin’ that monster weapon, the .44 magnum. Now, what you have here is what Headline Shirts is trying to pass off as a Cro Magnon man, but it really looks like a chimpanzee, but I suppose the Cro Magnon man was a lot closer to looking like a monkey than current day man. So, it works. Plus, just the look of that monkey in a coat and tie with that big ass weapon, just looks cool.

I suppose this Cro Magnum T Shirt is a fine example of artistry and wordplay, even though I still think they shouldn’t have gone full monkey on weapon holder.  Still, I just love the way the gun looks and the monkey’s stance is cool, and his fingers in the gun. Very cool.

I guess thing concept I didn’t really explore regarding this shirt is that maybe Dirty Harry resorted to violence way to much and that made him a less evolved human being. But, maybe that’s the kind of evolutionary path you have to take in this lifetime. Look at Clint Eastwood now. He’s making very thoughtful, interesting movies, which is basically Nirvana or maybe he’s a Phoenix rising from the Cro Magnon ashes. Wait, I have no idea what I’m talking about, which was why I was going to skip this part of the post.

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