Dinosaur Sandwich Board The End is Near 2012 BC T Shirt

by on March 28, 2011

This gets lost in the whole going extinct themselves thing, but dinosaurs really were the prophets of their age and they tried to spread the news in a timeless manner: sandwich boards. As you can see in the actual photograph that is printed on the Dinosaur The End is Near 2012 BC T Shirt, this T Rex had a humble heart and open mind and was primed to receive prophetic vibrations from the universe. He did all this to save humans, but with such a charitable nature, this poor dinosaur forget to look out for himself, and died when the great fire/flood/wind overtook the land, except for the caves where the humans dwell.

What? You don’t think humans co-habitated the planet with dinosaurs. You’re crazy. Who do you think wrote the words on this warning sign. T Rex couldn’t hold a market in those claws. Had to be a human. Obviously. Every modern Christian knows that.

As does Snorg Tees.

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