Diamond Burger T Shirt

by on March 14, 2011

I have no idea why, but this Diamond Burger T Shirt is very pleasing to me. I think hamburgers are an institution in this country and carry the weight of being a primary source of sustenance for like a century. Wait, how long have hamburgers in this form been around. Might need seem Googlizing.

Then, you have this classic food filled with big, fat, diamonds. Like cartoon sized and cut. They’re not raw. They’ve been through the process that makes them worth so much and now their inside this food that you need to live. The fuel that you rarely think about as you ingest. So, what happens. You pull off the bun, you collect the diamonds, you clean off the secret sauce and the melted cheese and the pickle juice, and put them in a velvet bag you have lying around. Do you rebuild the burger and eat it? Or is that a distant memory because the now all attention goes to the riches you have discovered. But, you still have to eat.

Young Lovers Label has done something quite interesting here and it’s making me hungry and greedy.

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