Dexter Slice of Life No Dumping Tshirt

by on July 27, 2010

Well well isn’t this a little macabre. Apparently, we’ve got this program on Showtime that features a serial killer, who is meticulous in his murders of other murderers. Is he a hero or a psychopath. Do the police even want to stop this guy. I mean, he’s making their jobs a lot easier.

This Dexter Slice of Life Tshirt depicts our man dumping his latest victim off the side of his boat, called, ironically, the Slice of Life. You see Dexter’s good with a knife. The funny part about all this, and it needs to have a funny part, because this is a t-shirt offering from notoriously funny tshirt purveyor, Busted Tees, is that there’s a No Dumping sign out there.

So, he’s breaking a itsy bitsy law of Wildcat Dumping, and a slightly more hefty law…murder. Wait, either Dexter is dumping in really shallow water or they have a real long pole to stick that sign on. I guess it could be floating, but that’s totally unrealistic.

Check out the Season Five trailer.

And here’s the Dexter Wikipedia, in case you’re confused.

Busted Tees does not condone murder, but will probably look the other way when a serial killer gets his comeuppance.

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dan quinn February 16, 2017 at 10:17 am

hi – question: looking to get a frame-able poster/picture of this “slice of life” image… is that something you could provide?… thanks.


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