Denver Nuggets Season Opener: Revenge Against the Jazz

by on October 27, 2010

Everybody has written off the Denver Nuggets this season. All of the turmoil surrounding Carmelo Anthony’s desire to leave. Kenyon Martin acting like a douche because he hasn’t been offered an extension even though he’s been anally raping the organization with his crutches for a large percentage of the time he’s been with the organization. He wasn’t top 5 for worst contracts last 6 years running for nothing. I blame Kiki. Oh, and he’s hurt right now, along with Chris “Birdman” Andersen, so nobody thinks the team can hold it together.

What people don’t realize is that George Karl makes a huge difference and he’s back on the bench after recovering from throat cancer. Nor do people understand the leap both Arron Afflalo and Ty Lawson are going to make this year. They are going to be major contributors. Finally, Al Harrington was a great pickup. A big that can spread the floor. Not sure Anthony has had that in his tenure with the Nuggets. If they rip off a strong record to start the season, he may reconsider his desire to leave.

And, if it’s New York or bust just to please the wife, LaLa, and her career aspirations, well maybe it’s time to put the foot down Melo. Of the teams mentioned in trade rumors, Denver is the club with the most upside.

Anyway, opening night. Buy some funny t shirts and watch the game. Go Nuggets!

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