Darth Vader Pinata Tshirt

by on December 19, 2009

buy-tshirt-buttondarth-vader-pinata-shirtWhat you can’t see in this picture is that Darth just pushed aside five little children to get his chance at the pinata. It’s little known that Vader has a sweet tooth, and can’t wait to get at the candy that is making this innocent little papier-mache donkey burst at the seams.

You also can’t see the end result, which is the instantaneous combustion of the pinata as the light saber touches the curly little decorative coat of crepe paper. The after-effect is a quite pungent mix of singed paste and that hardcore burnt smell that wafts from coffee roasters early in the morning.

By the way, Vader was just walking by and noticed this festive little occasion. The parents know who he is, but they don’t know him. They’re incredulous. The kids are fascinated by the violent, fiery end to the pinata, but a growing resentment builds. This creepy masked dude with the obscene caller exhalations just crisped candy that was rightfully ours.

Such a rich panoply of life and juxtaposition of fictional evil and human innocence. Celebrate this masterwork of art on a shirt: Darth Vader Pinata.

Rumor: George Lucas owns a piece of the multi-billion dollar tshirt conglomerate, Headline Shirts.

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