Daniel Sotomayor: Designer Interview

by on November 13, 2012

What’s your name? Your Internet handle?

My name is Daniel a.k.a. D4N13L on the Interwebz

Where are you from? Where do you live now?

I’m from Cochabamba, Bolivia, South America. Born, raised and currently reside.

If you were the head of tourism, what would you say to people to get them to visit Bolivia?

I’d say “come to Bolivia! we have cookies! and an Navy, no sea or beaches whatsoever, but we have a Navy!”

I think the only time I hear about Bolivia it’s associated with hard drugs. Is that blown out of proportion?

Well, we are kind of used to it now. Sadly, our country is one of the first producers of cocaine’s most important ingredient, the coca leaf. Coca leaves are pretty much harmless by themselves, cocaine is just a combination of massive quantities of chemicals and a small percentage is taken from coca leaves.

How did you get into t-shirt design?

I was always fascinated by it. Ever since I found about Threadless.com, I got hooked. I started designing tees thinking I could make a living by getting prints on Threadless but I never got the opportunity, I still submit some of my work there, it’s a pretty tough nut to crack, though. I got my first big break back in 2010 when I got printed twice with Design By Hümans and won a Special Contest with them as well. I also got my first and only print at TeeFury and then I started submitting my work to RIPT Apparel, Qwertee, The Yetee and recently to Nowherebad, AnotherFineTee and FSCtees (now named Gimmick Tees)

Are you a full time designer?

I am. I have a BA in Graphic Design and I’m currently working as a Art Director in a small Ad Agency.

How do you describe the type of design you do?

I’m a sucker for pop culture and I LOVE making graphic puns. I also tried to make something like my “signature” out of typographic design. I really see myself as an all-vector designer, can’t get away from Illustrator :D

What are your favorite t-shirt subjects? Why?

Pop culture, geek/cult movies/tv series, books and mostly 80’s and 90’s themes.

You are obviously influenced by pop culture. I find it fascinating that people can get wrapped up in entertainment from other countries. How were you introduced to The Big Lebowski, Game of Thrones, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, etc.

GLOBALIZATION FTW!! LOL, yeah I’ve had a very American influence my whole life. My dad use to work at my country’s once biggest and most important airline and they had flights to Miami and Washington so he would bring a lot of stuff from there, mostly snacks and clothing. I ate Cheetos and Doritos, Swiss Rolls and Twinkies, Pringles and Lays, M&M’s and KitKats, Butterfingers and Baby Ruths, Snikers and Milky Ways. We used Head&Shoulders shampoo, Irish Spring soap, Johnson&Johnson baby/body moisturizing cream, Old Spice after shave and Gillette razors and a whole bunch of (then) American Made stuff that no body knew of down here. My toys where G.I. Joes and LEGO and my sister had Barbies and other girly stuff. He also brought back a lot of movies (VHS of course) and TV shows for kids, no subtitles, no translation, all English. that’s how I learned the language! :)

I first watched The Big Lebowski when I was like 14 or 15 and I didn’t quite understand it then. I got to watch it again when the cable era begin down here and I got hooked. Then there was Pulp Fiction, and Reservoir Dogs and Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket and many, many more. Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and Harry Potter came later :)

What’s something that fans of your work don’t know about you?

Let’s see… maybe they don’t know I’m married, I’ve been blessed with 4 amazing kids and I’m just a regular dude that loves what he does. Oh yeah, I’m a hardcore Call Of Duty gamer :D

Where do you draw creative inspiration?

Movies, TV, books, the internetz, anywhere I find anything interesting.

What tools do you use to create your designs?

Pen/pencil and paper and then Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

Best movie and/or TV show you saw recently?

TV shows: Game of Thrones, Spartacus
Movies: Warrior, The Dark Knight Rises

What was the first design you ever got printed?

RIPT Apparel printed this design. Now it’s available on this other site.

Favorite t-shirt that you designed?

Cloned To Kill, my one and only TeeFury print. Unfortunately it was taken down from my RedBubble store and I’m looking for a home for it right now.

What’s your most popular design?

It’s my first Doctor Who inspired design, “It Also Travels in time.”

Latest design available for sale?

AnotherFineTee has put up for sale my latest Prometheus inspired design, you can check it out right here.

How do people follow you/find your stuff?

That’s a very good question! LOL, I think they find out from my Tumblr posts or maybe from my Twitter feed  or Pinterest or maybe my FB page.

Anything you want to add?

Thank you for choosing me for this interview and to the fans out there for all the love and support on my art. Cheers and ROCK ON! :)

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