Cupcakes Are Bad For You T Shirt

by on February 1, 2011

Auburn disagrees. They one a National Championship with a cupcake schedule early. Their motto is cupcakes are good for your BCS College Football Championship aspirations. But, hold the phone, that’s not what this shirt is really talking about, because it was Cam Newton would be featured in the artwork. Instead we have an actual cupcake on the Cupcakes Are Bad For You T Shirt, so I’m inclined to think that this shirt from Busted Tees is actually a statement against all of the posh cupcakery going on in our artisan little sub-cultures.

And, for that they deserve a medal of honor from the President, because cupcakes are so neat and tidy, you’d almost think they’d be the key to long life and much happiness, but in reality they are evil and full of sin.

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