Crust Mantle Mole People T Shirt

by on November 25, 2010

This could be in reference to the mole people legend that states that there are people living in the New York underground and that they are called mole people. This shirt also may be in reference to a campy film called The Mole People. Either way it’s funny to postulate that, perhaps, they are even further underground than we thought. In fact, they are down below the Earth’s crust and even below the mantle. If you believe this or have an inkling that it might be true, then you must wear the Mole People T Shirt.

I like the fact the Busted Tees broke out the geology text book before they created this shirt, so they could have words like crust and mantle to work with. Taking it to the next level…that’s why I like them.

Here are a couple of mole people clips.

“Deep in the bowels of the Earth.” Here is terror to shatter your nerves.

From the movie:

A little clip from the documentary about people living in the subway tunnels in New York City:

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