Pesky Squirrel Sweatpants from Crotch Gear

by on April 1, 2012

I just had to do a post about these Pesky Squirrel Sweatpants. I mean that squirrel is reaching for your nuts. How could something so vulgar and sophomoric be so cute and engaging. I don’t know but Crotch Gear seems to pull it off. I think one of the secrets is that they’re not subtle about it. It’s right in your face. This is who we are. This is what we do. We have the word Crotch in our name and we put designs right next to the crotch of our sweatpants. If you’re into it. You’re into it.

If you’re not, well you can go shop for crotchless latex tights or something.

Look at that squirrel. He’s just reaching up as cute as can be. He wants your nuts. And guess what. Have you ever heard of social proof? It’s a psychological or actually probably more sociological phenomenon that smart marketers take advantage of. If you can show that others are super interested in your “product” then that causes even more people to become interested. Basic, human nature. That’s why Twitter and Facebook are so huge. You link up to something or tweet something out, your friends are going to check it out. That’s why testimonials from customers can be so compelling or reviews on Amazon. Real people sharing their experience with the product.

Anyway, if you’re traipsing around with a cute squirrel longing for your balls, then that’s a bit of social proof. Yeah, it’s a squirrel, but I still think it will plant something in the brains of those around you, and they to will be compelled to long for your ripe and delicious gonads.

So, obviously, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get these sweatpants. Comfort and action. Be the MAN!

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