Copy Cat T Shirt

by on February 28, 2011

That’s a pretty cute cat shirt, which should please about 87% of all Internet users. At first glance I thought Snorg Tees might sneak a little spooky looking cat butt—like half human-half cat—but, alas we got copies of fish bones, which takes it even further up the cute scale. Not quite as funny, but certainly cute.

I’m generally a fan of wordplay, so this Copy Cat T Shirt speaks to me on that level, but the whole cuteness deal isn’t really my cup of tee. What about you? You dig the tees featuring felines or are you luke warm on the entire concept?

It does capture the whole deal where cats will sit anywhere and make it their home. I suppose if a cat was in an office environment, he’d probably go to a warm copier machine, especially if there was no sunlight to bath in. Fluorescent lights just don’t cut it. My only question is who draws the short straw and gets the litter box in their cube?

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