Cone Gnome T Shirt

by on November 15, 2010

This is some kind of artistic image right here. A little gnome face melting in an ice cream scoop with flipped upside down with a sugar cone. You could take this gnome around the country to get photos with it like that travelocity commercial. Trouble is you might not even get outside your town, before it melts to nothing. Might have to get those blue fake ice packs, and through them in an Igloo cooler and a little ziplock baggy. Pull it out get the photo and get it back in the cooler pronto.

Treat that gnome cone like it was some sort of organ transplant. You’ve seen doctors running around with the colors with a heart, kidney or liver from a dead guy to save a sick guy. Crazy business, and I probably shouldn’t have made that association since this is just a nice little Cone Gnome T Shirt, but, hey, the mind is a wild horse with a burr under the saddle it’s not wearing.

Snorg Tees made a real nice shirt here and you will enjoy it if you like ice cream and/or gnomes, and who doesn’t.

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