Come to the Nerd Side We Have Pi T Shirt

by on June 6, 2011

Got some meme action in terms of the nerd stuff. Got mathematics food wordplay with the pi as in delcious apple pie. And we have a little Star Wars reference. This Come to the Nerd Side We Have Pi T Shirt is a trifecta tee, which is very rare and should be treated with great care. Only the most confident people will have the courage to capture one of these fine garments and make it her own.

Snorg Tees loves the nerds, loves pie, math, Star Wars, and a bunch of other things we can’t into right now because of space. Ha ha…I said that like there were a finite amount of column inches on this blog, like it was the monthly community newspaper. Forget that…I have all the space I want, but I’m lazy…that’s the real truth.

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