Comb Over to the Wild Side T Shirt

by on March 18, 2011

Such a delicious little wordplay and a terrific image on this Comb Over to the Wild Side T shirt.

Let’s break it down. Dude has the male pattern baldness big time, so to hang on a little longer before he just embrasses the clown hairdo or goes ahead and does a Michael Jordan shave, he grows those little side hedgerows real long…at least the right side. And before he leaves the house every morning he carefully comes the long hairs across the bald expanse to the other side. And, now the shiny pate doesn’t blind people, but then again it’s not fooling anyone.

Still, this guy has more than just the hair going. Check out the earring, the amber shades and the moustache and the soul patch. Basically, he’s all in and has found success with this style because he’s confidently inviting you to do the same out of the goodness of his heart.

Local Celebrity really worked overtime to get this one just right. Very impressive.

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