Colosos De Tumba Muerto T Shirt

by on January 31, 2013


Get this Shirt from Awesome Sports Logos

This is the logo of one of the teams in the Panamanian basketball league. My Spanish isn’t great but it seems to me that if you translate this shirt it says Giants of the Tomb of Death or some such thing. If that truly is what this means, that’s a pretty badass sports team name. Of course, you have to live up to that. You can’t go on 12 game losing streaks with petty bickering amongst players, coaches, and management.

Alright I did some heavy research and Tumba Muerto is a section of Panama City where I probably don’t want to visit, because the name is so scary.

If you read Spanish, here’s an article about the team. It could say they just folded because players were beating up fans. I have no idea. I’m guessing they’re doing alright, though, because the dude’s are smiling.

Awesome Sports Logos is truly awesome and they sent me this shirt to sample. I unbox it in this cinema-quality video.

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