Cocaine Blows T Shirt

by on September 24, 2010

Todd Barry asked for this shirt, and you know what…he gets it. Is he trying to make a statement about cocaine, like I’ve been down that road, and, no sir, you do not want to go there. It’s bad. All night parties is fun, fun, fun, but after you’ve been up for 37 hours straight and you feel like scratching your eyeballs out and there’s a metallic buzz in your head, then coke isn’t the fluffy nose candy bliss ride you believed it to be as you were cutting it with your library card on that framed picture of your teenage mom with that dog you never met.

Or Todd is saying, I love cocaine. I snort it nightly. It amps me up. I get through a set or a shoot, and I’m golden. I am able to use it as a tool, just like in middle manager at a Fortune 500 uses caffeine to take it from both ends 8-6 and still walk out of that glass and steel structure alive.

Or he just likes the whole wordplay deal, plus the 80s dude with blood dripping out of his nose and on to the lapel of his white jacket. Whatever the reason, Todd gets the Cocaine Blows T Shirt.

Back in the 80s they didn’t have funny t shirts. True story. They only started to show up after Kurt Cobain killed himself. I’m not saying Cobain’s death catalyzed the funny shirt industry; just that the events coincided and I’ll let you come to your own conclusions Sherlock.

Local Celebrity has worked with Nancy Reagan on the Just Say No campaign for like 25 years. Doing the Lord’s work.

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