Cinnamon Rolls Wake & Bake T Shirt

by on January 21, 2011

Just like my gramma used to do. Get up early…old people can’t help it because they go to bed at like 5:30 PM because they have nothing to do, so they get up at about 2 AM and start pottering around the house. Gramma would roll out the dough and shape it into perfectly round cinnamon rolls. Ah, the days we used to stay at her house were grand. I’d get up at 10 AM and there would be the perfect breakfast.

Of course, I’ve learned since then that gluten and empty carbs is a terrible way to start your day, though I guess you could think of it in terms of all the love poured into the preparation outweighs the less than healthy nutritional value. Maybe gramma had it right. She baked them, but she didn’t really eat them until the afternoon, after she had pulled some mighty bong loads from her three-footer. Maybe it’s best to have protein in the morning and carbs at mid-day when you’re overcome with the munchies.

Celebrate wasting your life away in a marijuana haze with the get up in the morning and toke up shirt. I mean the Wake & Bake T Shirt. Busted Tees has a real knack for drawing pastries, and I commend them.

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