Chuck Norris Talk to Chuck T Shirt

by on January 16, 2011

Reason number 974 that I love the Internet. The amazingly random pop culture personalities that get picked up and turned into cultural icons and Internet memes. Chuck Norris is in the pantheon. The name Chuck Norris conjures an indestructible, undefeatable, super man. But, he’s not a super hero, because that’s cheap. He is a man with incredible will, strength, stamina, intellect, and raw gravitas, rolled up into a hairy red-headed hero package.

It all started with his epic kung fu battle with Bruce Lee, and his continued on through all of his over-the-top starring roles in amazingly bad television, where it slowly began to dawn on we the people that we were not just dealing with an ordinary actor man here. We had in our country, a force of nature.

This, of course, is why you should take money out of your pocket and spend it on the Talk to Chuck T Shirt. It’s important.

Look…Headline Shirts does not deal in trifles. They get to the meat of the culture, and Chuck Norris is well ground chuck…but the best, most nourishing ground chuck you have ever tasted.

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