Christian Bale Christian Slater Christians Are Assholes T Shirt from T Shirt Hell

by on February 19, 2012

This is T Shirt Hell putting out this shirt, so obviously it’s going to be contreversial, especially when you say something like this Christians are Assholes T shirt. I would say the Christians or any devout religious folks that try to foist their beliefs on others or make them a matter of public policy are assholes, but those God-fearing folk that have a stable morality and try to treat people as Jesus would are probably pretty good people. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what the percentage of Christians are not compelled to leave the witnessing and zealotry behind. That’s why shirts like this pop up.

Well, that and the fact that both Christian Bale and Christian Slater are famous actors that have had asshole meltdowns. Slater has been arrested for domestic abuse (twice), sexual harassment charges, DUI, and substance abuse. Bale had that famous meltdown on the set, which you can hear below:

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