Christian Bale and I Are Done Professionally Tshirt

by on February 9, 2009

christian-bale-and-i-are-done-professionally-tshirtTMZ, that bastion of high brow entertainment, muckracking, sleazeball, investigative, fourth estate, gossip, right to know about every actor bowel movement, caught Christian Bale in a moment.

What can you say, the man is hard core. Think about American Psycho – buff and 80s crazy. Batman – even buffer and simmering just beneath the surface. Dude is method. Dude doesn’t fuck around. Dude starved himself to make The Machinist which was one pretty damn intense picture.

So, I’m not gonna bag on the man…well except for promoting the purchase of this hilarious tshirt: Christian Bale and I Are Done Professionally.

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