Checkers Because Chess is Too Difficult T Shirt

by on December 23, 2010

I like this shirt. The design is cool. Checker board letters for the word “checkers” and chess pieces for the word “chess.” It’s true. I have been trying to play chess lately and I get a head thinking about all the possible moves, and those bishops can go diagonally across the entire board, and knights hoppin’ around in their little L’s, rooks can go across the board in a straight line, and let’s not even talk about the queen’s versatility, and then there’s the whole en passant with the pawns that I don’t understand. I’m totally afraid I’m missing something. It’s stressful. Why do I want that bother. I have enough stress trying to keep up with all my Twitters and Facebook friends.

Checkers is where it’s at. Of course, there’s a lot of strategy and stuff to pay attention to there also, so maybe no board games is better for my constitution and disposition. I’ll simplify and go to checkers only and analyze where I’m at after that.

Buy this Checkers Because Chess Is Too Difficult T Shirt because it is funny and beautiful, and you are well aware of that. As is Snorg Tees.

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