Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood T Shirt

by on April 26, 2011

How powerful is your mind, when you convince your body that you have tiger blood and then actually do insanely improbable stuff to your body and still maintain a fit physique, act on the top-rated show, maintain relations with two women at once, be a father, and launch a new career of being crazy, including prime time interviews, speaking engagements, Internet-only funny videos, Twitter, etc.

Hell, the dude was making so much money, maybe he had a special transfusion on a trip to India. All his blood was drained and replaced with fresh Bengal Tiger blood. The world is getting crazier so I wouldn’t be shocked if this was true.

Meanwhile, you should probably own and wear the Tiger Blood T Shirt because that wild cat has shades on.

Nerdy Shirts bringing you red shirts with the word blood on them 24/7.

Of course, I have a page dedicated to funny Charlie Sheen Tees. Why do you ask?

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