Charlie Sheen Surprise That’s What Winners Do T Shirt

by on April 26, 2011

We haven’t heard that last of good ol’ Charlie Sheen. He’s loved. He’s hated. He gets standing ovations on stage and he gets booed off the stage. I think he and The Donald should form the next Republican ticket for President. Why not? Although, if I heard Sheen continue on with that crazy bravado bullshit, I’d probably lose my mind. It’s funny for a first go ’round, and maybe twice, but after that I have a feeling I’d really want him to shut it.

But, the same doesn’t go for wearing the Suprise That’s What Winners Do T Shirt. That’s the kind of thing I can’t get enough of because Nerdy Shirts captured that culturally significant moment perfectly. So, get it and wear it often.

I have a sneaky feeling funny Charlie Sheen Shirts will never go out of style. Ever.

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