Charlie Sheen is Winning T Shirt

by on March 12, 2011

Is there anything else we can possibly say about this guy? It’s been reported that he maybe went on another bender recently. It’s nice that he can manage his drug use effectively enough that he can plan ahead and pass nationally televised drug tests, then go right back to being his awesome cocaine sniffing self. I guess there’s other drugs he does, but as the winner he is, he knows what he can’t mix together, because even adonis would die with the wrong cocktail of drugs.

Snorg Tees went pretty minimalist on the this Charlie Sheen Winning T Shirt probably because they’re the only ones thinking ahead to the time when Charlie’s legal team starts extracting money out of all of the tshirt companies and everybody else that have cashed in on this public nut run with Charlie’s likeness. He may even have the phrase “Winning” copyrighted. I might get a call just for putting it in that last sentence.

Anyways, celebrate honesty wrapped up in seven layers of coke-fueled nonsense and get the shirt. And, if you need more funny Charlie Sheen shirts, I’ve collected the important ones all in one place.

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