Brain Cone Ice Cream T Shirt from Certified Dress Code

by on April 5, 2012

First thing you notice with this Brain Cone Ice Cream T Shirt is that it looks like the aftermath of a really bad or good, depending on how you look at it, weekend in Vegas. That doesn’t make any sense, but the cherries on top of the brain inside the sugar cone made me think of it because in the slot machines in Vegas, or at least the Vegas I’ve seen on the movies, cherries are often the coveted images. Get three of those and you win.

Anyways, then I thought about how in Las Vegas you drink a lot, maybe do drugs, get a handie from a three-eyed transvestite, and see Wayne Newton sing through his plastic surgery. That’s mind blowing. Thus, you have the brain outside of your skull. Now, the waffle cone, I’m not sure about. Maybe up in your room you got a sweet craving, so you paid that ugly kid that kept hanging around to run to the frozen yogurt shop just off the strip to get you a little sumpin’ sumpin’.

He came back bruised and beaten and probably scarred for life, but you were way more worried that only the cone was left and the kid didn’t have your change. Con artist already.

Sad. Brain in the cone. Cherries on top. And you’re done. Fly back. Nod to the wife. Try to ignore the kids. Hit the hay. Alarm. Put on business casual and hit the office.

Like it never happened. But, you don’t want to forget it forever, so get this shirt with the square neck from Certified Dress Code.

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