Caution The Floor is Lava T Shirt

by on May 12, 2011

Come to think of it, those wet floor signs do look like there’s at least a spark between the guys feet and the wet surface, which seems counter-intuitive until you figure out the true meaning of the sign, which is that actually the floor is entirely covered with hot flowing lava. This is what Caution The Floor is Lava T Shirt is really getting at, and that makes it funny and a prime candidate for a purchase by you. Am I right?

Busted Tees is also harkening back to those good old days when days were just long strings of emptiness that could be filled with any half-assed idea, including pretending that the floor is full of alligators or even lava and you had to get around your house without touching it. No stepping on the dog does not count.

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