Kim Kaupe Interview

How long have you been modeling for Busted Tees?

I would say about a year, maybe a year and half now.

How did you get the gig with Busted Tees?

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Megan Miller Dossier

Megan Miller was a fantastically popular Snorg Tees model. If you do the Google research you’ll find numerous blogs, forums threads, and videos proclaiming that she is the most beautiful woman in the world and perfect like this stalkerish video does:

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Amanda Marie Interview

What’s your official modeling name? I’ve seen Amanda Marie Scott, Amanda Marie, Manda Marie Scott.

Amanda Marie… simply “Amanda Marie” even though I’m called MANY things… lol. Ya’ll can find me on my personal page or my fan page at and my twitter at for more!

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Krystal Lynn Hedrick Dossier

Krystal is the awesome red-headed model over at Snorg Tees. She also does a ton of other stuff, as she mentions in her Twitter profile, including…

#Actress #Host #Mentor #Model #Personality #Spokesmodel #Writer #SPJ

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How long have you been modeling for Busted Tees?

About four to five years.

You must be the go to model. To build the gallery on this page, I searched for all the shirts that you modeled, and there was like 12,006 of them. Are you their favorite? You can brag a little.

Haha! Busted Tees has a lot of great go-to models. They tend to keep it fairly consistent and are loyal to the family of people that helped build their brand, which is one of the things I like about the company. If I AM going to brag, I will tell you that I was the one chosen to be in the BTs shoot for Omaha Steaks, for which I got to hang out with my friends, drink beer, eat hamburgers, and watch the sun set from a beautiful rooftop in Brooklyn. And got paid for it.

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Erica Sullivan Dossier

Erica Sullivan is one of the all-time favorite Busted Tees models. Let me rephrase that. She’s one of the most beloved T-shirt models ever. Red hair really does it for a lot a guys (and gals). Pretty white skin. Great smile. Not sure she’s doing the modeling work for them any more, so I wanted to make sure her legacy lived on long after the shirts she modeled and the ads she graced are discontinued.

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Annamarie Tendler Dossier

After careful consideration,  I have determined that Busted Tees model Annamarie Tendler is my favorite t-shirt model. And that’s huge. Do you hear that? She’s the best and there is none better. I can’t quite put my finger on exactly why. She looks sweet and edgy all at the same time.

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Editor’s Note: The original Snorg Tees Girl, Alice Fraasa, was kind enough to do an email interview with Tshirt Groove. Enjoy.

What do you do for fun? 

Over the past few months my boyfriend and I have been going through The Sopranos, we’re about to start the last season. I also love reading, hanging out with my family and friends as much as possible, and cooking.

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Marissa Pierce Dossier

In this season of Thanksgiving, I give thanks for pretty models like Marissa Pierce. And cranberry sauce. Snorg Tees has been featuring their models for the last few months. The last one they focused on was the lovely Marissa Pierce, who seems to be pretty accessible…at least enough to lust after a nice variety of images…I mean enjoy her quirky personality comes shining through in every image.

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Lacey Buchanan Dossier

Lacey Buchanan! Update: I found her last name (Thanks to reader Tom Massey). She’s Lacey Buchanan, and you can see some of her model page over at Model Mayhem. And, you can go like her Facebook page. And, if you want to see her in more of a sexy type of shoot, check out this gallery.

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Ashley Pridgen Interview

Tell me about your handle on Twitter, Phoenix Beauty. How did you come up with that?

I actually didn’t come up with it. When I started modeling, it was in the MySpace days when everyone had a fake name. I tried for days to think up anything, but nothing was coming to me. I asked a friend to just make something up. Phoenix Beauty is what she came up with because she liked my only tattoo at the time, which was a phoenix. I was never a huge fan of the name because it makes me sound pretentious, but I never got around to changing it. I guess I don’t really give it much thought nowadays.

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