T Shirt Interviews: Shops, Designers and Models

Gettin’ down to the nitty gritty with the people putting together the t-shirt designs that you love. These are the interviews with the shirt shops, tee designers and t-shirt models.

What’s your name, and the name of your shop?

Martin Lucas
Worm Sign T-Shirts

Where does the name Worm Sign come from?

A drunken text message from someone stalking a friend of ours – the text said, “remember to look out for the worm signs”. I thought it was cool and tucked it away for future use. I’ve since found out there’s a reference to it in the David Bowie film; Dune.

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What’s your name, and the name of your shop?

Robert Bond, MindFull.co (and Rocket Science Designs is my small printing business).

Where are you from?

Originally Kenora, Ontario, Canada; moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba in ’98.

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What’s your name, and the name of your shop?

Andrew Johnson and the shop is Pud Tees.

Where did the name Pud Tees come from?

I was trying to come up with a short name that was memorable and that could be played around with. So you could have, Pud-u -like, Pudsville, Puderama etc. And it had to sound like fun.

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I caught up with Derek over and Polly & Crackers for a little interview. Dig it! This is how the most trendy t-shirts spring forth from primordial mind ooze onto the backs of the coolest people on earth.

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What’s your name, and the name of your shop?

Micha Weinblatt and Josh Fein.

Crooked Monkey T-shirts.

Any significance to the name Crooked Monkey other than it’s kooky and fun to say?

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How long have you been modeling for Busted Tees?

About four to five years.

You must be the go to model. To build the gallery on this page, I searched for all the shirts that you modeled, and there was like 12,006 of them. Are you their favorite? You can brag a little.

Haha! Busted Tees has a lot of great go-to models. They tend to keep it fairly consistent and are loyal to the family of people that helped build their brand, which is one of the things I like about the company. If I AM going to brag, I will tell you that I was the one chosen to be in the BTs shoot for Omaha Steaks, for which I got to hang out with my friends, drink beer, eat hamburgers, and watch the sun set from a beautiful rooftop in Brooklyn. And got paid for it.

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Fillippo Morini is guilty of blasphemy and great design. I caught up with him from his home in Italy for this interview. Ha ha…that sounded like I was in Italy, like I actually leave my mom’s basement. Let me be more precise. Fillippo was kind enough to answer some questions via email. God I’m jealous of people that know multiple languages. This dude’s Italian but he answers in English like it was no big deal.

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Adam de la Mare

Adam de la Mare is an awesome t-shirt designer dabbling in the clever absurd. I love just about his entire catalog of shirts because his humor is just my style. Please enjoy my in depth one-on-one with the man sometimes known as Brother Adam.

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I caught up with Aubrey over at Momfia Tees for an email interview about her very fine, brand new shirt shop recently launched for Moms. She and Valerie run the show with design assistance from Aubrey’s husband Midgerock, who has done an excellent job conveying the attitude and humor of this Mom + Mafia (get it?) crew in black and white designs…with a touch of green and orange olive in the martini.

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.blackeye is coming at you like a fist to your orbital socket. Just kidding. This isn’t your typical shocking, offensive t-shirt shop. Nor is it a boring knock off of the pop culture pumpers out there. This is an original brand coming from Down Under with a nice collection of tees and a really intriguing website concept. It’s like a vending machine. Punch in the numbers and your shirt comes out through the slot in your computer. Okay, it might not be that awesome yet (just wait ’til for the printers that can build 3-dimension stuff), but it is a fun shopping experience that shakes you out of your buy now button online stupor.

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Blaze Byrne makes Ireland proud. How can he not with that multi-colored monster beard and, of course, his excellent t-shirt designs. Read this interview.

How are you known on the Internet?

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Editor’s Note: The original Snorg Tees Girl, Alice Fraasa, was kind enough to do an email interview with Tshirt Groove. Enjoy.

What do you do for fun? 

Over the past few months my boyfriend and I have been going through The Sopranos, we’re about to start the last season. I also love reading, hanging out with my family and friends as much as possible, and cooking.

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