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Does anyone really pay attention to Father’s Day? Haven’t we just about had it after getting through Mother’s Day. Well, it looks like Headline Shirts is totally into the Father’s of the world. That’s why they’re offering a free Gytha Mander tie for orders of two shirts or more. Just add the code FREETIE during checkout. Be sure to get on this shopping for Dad soon, because Father’s Day is next Sunday. Okay go.

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Nice little play on words here. Meme-orial Day Sale at Busted Tees. All of their Internet meme-related t shirts are only $12 through May 31, 2011. I see 30 great shirts available at this jaw-dropping price, so celebrate the 3-Day weekend in style. Do it!

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This is a pretty spectacular deal, and they tack on the most important part to the end. Spend $50 by May 31 at Donkey Tees and you will get a free Koozie, and a $20 gift certificate to use in June 2011. That’s like a 40% off deal. Awesome. Use code FIREWORKS to get the deal. That’s a weird code, because you think that would be reserved for 4th of July, but “hey” it doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm for the deal.

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I like this little promotion Snorg Tees is doing for the month of May. 10% off your order if at least on of the shirts you get is a zombie shirt. Just be sure to use the code: ZOMBIEZOMBIE10 and you’ll get your discount.

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If you’re into Hot Topic tees, now is a good time to check out their line, because there’s a two for $28 sale through Sunday, May 22. That’s a pretty good deal. Go check it.

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This is pretty much hilarious. Of course, you have heard Family Radio nutter, Harold Camping, proclaiming that the Rapture is coming May 21, 2011. He can prove it with a loose interpretation of the scriptures. Anyways, Headline Shirts is making sure your last days are filled with great deals on funny t shirts with their End of the World Clearance Sale.

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If you buy three or more Polly and Crackers Tees by June 1, 2011 you get free shipping. Quite a deal, and they have some wacky, weird ones you might enjoy. Go check it out.

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Deez Teez $9.95 Shirt Sale

by on February 27, 2011

You really probably should take advantage of this sweeeeeeet deal on quality funny t shirts. Deez Teez is offering their entire catalog for sale. Only $9.95 per t shirt, which is an absolutely spectacular deal. The only catch is that you have to hurry up and take advantage, because the sale ends on Wednesday, March 2.

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Please note that 604 Republic has a awesome $10 shirt sale, which you really ought to check out. There’s some good designs in there. Of course, the site says the sale was over yesterday, but when you put the sale shirts in the cart it still shows up as $10. So, go take advantage. Quick.

Secondly,I just posted a review of 604 Republic, which is a pretty excellent t shirt site if you’re into detailed rich design and pop culture mashups of gaming, television, zombies, and your mama. Enjoy. I did that review work just for you…and your mama.

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Hey, Busted Tees has a clearance sale going on that you should probably check out before it’s too late. $10 tees, and they just added about 10 more to the list. You’re bound to find something you or someone you know wants. This is something you want to take advantage of, especially if you’re a cheap bastard like me. I just made a quick count and it looks like there are 62 shirts available.

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Hey, it’s not often you can get an honest to goodness silk-screened t shirt or any t shirt for that matter for less than $10, so be sure to get over to Snicker Tees and take a look around. They have some cool designs, and shout outs to YouTube phenom, Mr. Chi-City. Anyways, $8 blowout clearance sale comin’ at you. I don’t see an end date to the sale, so you better get over there quick because it might be ending…right…about…now.

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Busted Tees $10 Clearance

by on January 15, 2011

Hey, get over to Busted Tees and grab a couple, few, dozen of their clearance shirts at the spectacular price of $10 per tee. It’s a great deal and they’re not reprinting any of these, so if you’ve been holding off on a certain design. Now is the time. Do it. Do not delay or you will be left crying in the gutter, homeless, destitute, and doing terrible things for change.

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